Specialising in one-off and small-batch production, The Puzzle Kraken factory is your go-to source for entertainment gadgets.

Escape Rooms, Arcade Games and More…

Our factory floor is well equipped for creating the wildest interior designs, specialty furniture and interactive gadgets. Our product portfolio includes an array of turnkey escape rooms, movie sets, arcade machines, thematized bar counters, pub games, a realistic castle prison, …

Engineering products with guarantees

We don’t just manufacture gadgets, we ensure they’re fully functional! Whether creating breathtaking designs from just an idea, or fine-tuning existing plans to perfection, our engineering team is here to help. We’re experts to strike the balance between aesthetics and durability. We back up our claims by offering a one year warranty for all gadgets made to our standards.

Worldwide white-label solutions

Let us handle the technology so you can focus on what you do best. Our white-label solutions are designed for seamless integration into any location worldwide. Trusted by multiple franchises, Puzzle Kraken is the behind-the-scenes service partner for many top-tier venues.